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Our processing plant has digital scales onsite for precise weighing of non-ferrous metals, meaning we can ensure our customers get the best possible price, every time.

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Non – Ferrous Metals

We widely handle and export the below-mentioned grades of non-ferrous metal. All material grades are well sorted and segregated, to ensure timely delivery and meet customer material requirements. Materials are accumulated, containerized and exported.

Non-ferrous metal is the term given to any content which does not contain iron. It may contain other elements, in small amounts, and is always non-magnetic. Stainless steel, aluminium and zinc gunmetal are just a few examples. Non-ferrous metals are among the most widely recovered and recycled metals across the industry. Consisting of brass, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and other metals, they are a staple for industrial products and generally retain their properties.

The purchase of non-ferrous metals involves a thorough evaluation of the elements taken from all sides. That the most important, price tag is always available, so you can read it and have certainty about how much money will be earned for such transaction. This can add your pocket expenses, help your home budget, or report to a pension. We accept almost all non-ferrous metals, so there will be no problems with their sale. Customers are serviced very well and if the client wants, when the goods are available, transport means are provided. There is a possibility of long-term cooperation with suppliers who own permanent sources of raw materials.

1. Aluminium Taint Tabor / Old Rolled: ISRI Spec – Taint Tabor
2. Baled Aluminium Used Beverage Cans ( UBC ): ISRI Spec – Taldon
3. Aluminum Wheels: ISRI Spec – Troma
4. Aluminum Extrusions: ISRI Spec -Toto
5. Mixed Aluminium Cast: ISRI Spec – Tense

6. Shredded Non-Ferrous Scrap ( Zorba ): ISRI Spec – Zorba
7. Stainless Steel 18/8 & 316: ISRI Spec – Sabot
8. Mixed Electric Motors: ISRI Spec – Elmo
9. No 1 Copper Wire: ISRI Spec – Berry
10. No 1 Heavy Copper: ISRI Spec – Candy

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