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Our processing plant has an onsite weighbridge specifically designed for ferrous metals, meaning we can ensure our customers get the best possible price, every time.

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Ferrous Metals

We deal and can supply just over 9 different grades of ferrous scrap. We handle and deal with quantity’s ranging from 200MT – 500MT per Month by containers at any given point in time. We constantly are working towards providing our clients with a quality product, so you receive material to their correct specification.

Ferrous metal is the most widely recycled metal in the world. Each year, several tons of steel scrap are consumed by steel mills and foundries. At Scrap Trade KFT, we have the equipment to load and unload ferrous and non-ferrous material. This metal is smelted and then sold to manufacturers as raw material for new manufactured goods.  If you need assistance to purchase ferrous metals scrap, drop box services are also available. Request Quote


  1. Plate & Girder Scrap: ISRI Spec – 232
  2.  HMS 1&2 (80/20): ISRI Spec – 202/203
  3.  Used Rails: ISRI R50-R65
  4. Shredded Steel: ISR Spec – 210/211
  5. Steel Turnings: ISRI Spec – 219/221


6. Compressed Steel Sheets
7.  Steel Cans: ISRI Spec – 213
8. Cast Iron: ISRI Spec – 252
9. Cast Iron/Iron

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Scrap Trade KFT has a great reputation both on and offline for providing excellent service and is trusted by many locals and internationals.