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We have built a solid foundation with customers because of our honest, and responsible business practices with customers for twenty years!

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We Are A Scrap Company like No other. 

We provide the necessary service of supplying and processing non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals, plastic scrap and waste paper scrap to companies around the world. As the leader in the scrap metal industry, our mission is to provide the highest quality of service and satisfaction possible.

we pride ourselves in developing an environment that nurtures longevity and loyalty. Most of our staff has been with us for a minimum of 10 years, with the majority having spent over 20 years at Scrap Trade KFt. This level of experience helps ensure that our employees are all highly knowledgeable in the selling and grading of all non-ferrous metals and scrap.

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All our prices are very competitive, so you could make yourself some great savings by dealing with us.


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A friendly working environment ensures a high quality service for you.


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Our Mission

As professionals, we know the value of providing quality products and customer relationships

Our goal is to strive towards efficiently re-utilizing scrap materials making contribution to the sustainability of natural resources. It is our obligation to prevent hazardous waste from spreading into the environment as the protection of nature and the interest of humanity requests. Scrap Trade kft is one of the first iron and scrap management company in Hungary that has rights to manufacture product from both iron and aluminum scrap material. Please send your application if you wish to buy such secondary raw material from us.

“We have been a customer of Scrap Trade KFT for over 5 years now and they would are highly recommended. I came into the scrap business with no knowledge of scrap. But today with my partnership with Scrap Trade KFT we now earn a fortune,”

Alem Jordan


Happy Clients

Bringing security and peace of mind is our vision.

“I never write reviews. I really felt like I should this time…. Everyone there is kind, happy, and easy to talk to. From the owner, to the guy directing me, to the guy helping me unload, and the guy processing the scrap inside…. They are happy and polite. Seriously going to be the only place I deal with. Keep up the good work. Just being polite and understanding goes a long way.”

Bob Johnson


Very helpful, courteous and fair. Whether you are a professional or regular Joe. Highly recommended.

Yein Chunyo


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1121 Budapest, György Aladár utca 42-46

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Scrap Trade KFT has a great reputation both on and offline for providing excellent service and is trusted by many locals and internationals.